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Author Topic: Coffee in flight?  (Read 2047 times)

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Coffee in flight?
« on: April 21, 2015, 10:57:34 AM »
 Co-pilot spills coffee, sends Serbian presidentís plane into plunge

Initially, the presidentís office said the plane had made an emergency return due to engine failure

BELGRADE, SERBIAóAn investigation into the sudden plunge of the Serbian presidentís plane has shown that it was because the co-pilot spilled coffee on the instruments panel, aviation authorities said Tuesday.

The investigation results show that the co-pilot accidentally activated the emergency slat extension when trying to clean the coffee from the panel. That reportedly caused the plane to dive and the brief shutdown of one of the engines. Unsurprisingly, there was panic among passengers.

The captain then stabilized the aircraft and returned to the capital, Belgrade. Slats are located on leading edges of the wings and are used by pilots to change the aircraftís angle of descent.

Initially, President Tomislav Nikolicís press office said last Friday that the plane made an emergency return because of engine failure. Nikolic was en route to the Vatican for an official visit, which was cancelled.

Nikolicís associates then spoke of the plane shaking violently and being tossed all over the cabin. They said the president will use only commercial flights, because the 34-year-old government Falcon 50 has a history of inflight problems.

Serbiaís aviation authorities say that the co-pilot has been suspended.



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