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Welcome To OttawaPilots.ca

Hello and Welcome to OttawaPilots.ca

updated: August 2016

This site was initiated by me, Nelson Pereira back in 2009, because I have always been interested in flying and finally decided to start my course towards the PPL license. I have since then received my wings and flew for the following 4 years accumulating about 120hrs total.

My last logged flight was in November 2013 in GQUO. As of June of 2015, I have taken up flying again, but this time in a Powered Paraglider (PPG) as C-IJHT. Totaly different experience then flying an aircraft ! You might have heard me on the radio, as I normaly fly over Gatineau and frequently speak to Gatineau and sometimes will make myself heard on Rockcliff UNICOM when I fly close to the north shore of the Ottawa river on the Gatineau side. I also frequent the Chealsea dam and the Gatineau park, so you might hear me on the practice area frequency to. The local frequency we use is 125.550. Announce yourself and say hi if you see us in the air.

The fields that me and 18 other PPG pilots frequently fly out of is located at Click Here in Gatineau and also our field in Masson/Angers Click Here. Please keep your eyes open for us on sunny afternoons, but don't pass too close (no closer then 1000' please), but please do wave at us by rolling side to side !  we love that !

My YouTube Channel if your interested in seeing some Videos Here

You want to experience Powered Paragliding? see our local instructor for a Tandem flight ! Click Here, Tell Pierre, Nelson sent you.

I was also an Active member of RFC (Rockcliffe Flying Club) which is the reason this discussion/community forum had started as I thought we all needed one, especially to help the newcomers like me, be able to ask questions and maybe schedule flights with other members, share information, and generally have a place to talk about this wonderful sport we call Flying. I have over 10 years experience in managing and hosting sites like this one. This Community is NOT reserved for Members of the RFC, anyone who flies is asked to register and participate. Many members here are not even members of RFC but of OFC and/or other clubs. You are welcome to show your club colours here.

As time goes by, I and others (I hope) will be adding resources to this site, but the first thing was to get it up and running, spread the word, and get people to participate in this community.

Note that this site is managed and hosted by me, meaning RFC (The Club) or any other Flying Club, have no involvement in the management, moderation, or any other holdings on this site.

So enjoy, and tell all your flying friends!

Nelson Pereira

How do I get in?

First you need to register for an account (free). You will have a question to answer to validate you are not a spammer. Then you simply click on the "Forum" link at the top, and start posting.

When you drop by, click on the Forum, and put in a few words in the ShoutBox. (must be registered and logged in)

Note: The registration process requires an Administrator or Moderator to approve your registration, which is normally done the same day.

General Aviation News

xx Alan
October 27, 2016, 12:04:59 PM by Tony Hunt
Very saddened to see Alan Salvin's obituary in the Citizen this morning.  He was a long-time RFC member and a frequent contributor to this site.  He flew his classic C-170 as often as he could. 

I remember doing a currency check with him after a health scare a couple of years ago.  He clearly enjoyed getting back to flying and his aeroplane.

I was wondering about him when I saw C-GHFK listed for sale a couple weeks ago. 

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xx Coffee in flight?
April 21, 2015, 10:57:34 AM by Ramjet555
 Co-pilot spills coffee, sends Serbian presidentís plane into plunge

Initially, the presidentís office said the plane had made an emergency return due to engine failure

BELGRADE, SERBIAóAn investigation into the sudden plunge of the Serbian presidentís plane has shown that it was because the co-pilot spilled coffee on the instruments panel, aviation authorities said Tuesday.

The investigation results show that the co-pilot accidentally activated the emergency...
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xx Ottawa Terminal Control area changes 04/2015
April 10, 2015, 11:03:25 AM by npereira
Be advised of the following changes in the Ottawa Terminal Control Area listed in this publication effective 30 April 2015:


To view an on-going topic started by Tony,...

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